We have chosen the venue for DreamStage!

Im very happy to announce we have chosen our venue for #DreamStage. And the winner is... The Kessler Theater! We started venue meetings on December 27th, and after a month long process, we decided The Kessler was the best fit. It was a hard decision. Came down to 2 or 3 venues. Dallas has great venues! I was sold on the beauty and luxury of The Kessler. Also, many of my musician friends, without full knowledge of my search, spoke very highly of The Kessler. What really made me go ahead and sign on with Kessler, is that reminded me of one of the greatest memories of my life - Performing at the Jazz Cafe in London, UK. The venues are almost identical in setup! While Jazz Cafe is world reknown, I'd give The Kessler an edge on looks! 😘 I cant wait until June 17th! 


Today is the Day! "The Vday EP: Volume 3" is now available! Buy it below, or goto your favorite Digital store and purchase! BUT, if you buy it below, you get a bonus track, My unplugged version of Earth Wind and Fire's, "Love's Holiday"! ;-) 

Brand New Video! - "Cinderblock Sessions"

New Q.Moore Vocal Feature: "Michael Hubbard - 'Fore You're Gone"

I had the honor and privilege of being featured on my buddy, Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Michael Hubbard's new album, "The Breakup"! He wrote a beautiful song titled "'Fore You're Gone" and I got to Sing Lead Vocals and Play drums on this Jewel! Mike is my right hand man and good friend! If you have been to a Q.Moore concert, You probably have seen him play keys and sing background vocals with me! Here is the song...

Also here is the Full album! Make sure you buy it and Support Mr. Hubbard! This album was released today! Show love!