Quentin Moore

Happy Fat Tuesday 2017! #MardiGras

We have chosen the venue for DreamStage!

Im very happy to announce we have chosen our venue for #DreamStage. And the winner is... The Kessler Theater! We started venue meetings on December 27th, and after a month long process, we decided The Kessler was the best fit. It was a hard decision. Came down to 2 or 3 venues. Dallas has great venues! I was sold on the beauty and luxury of The Kessler. Also, many of my musician friends, without full knowledge of my search, spoke very highly of The Kessler. What really made me go ahead and sign on with Kessler, is that reminded me of one of the greatest memories of my life - Performing at the Jazz Cafe in London, UK. The venues are almost identical in setup! While Jazz Cafe is world reknown, I'd give The Kessler an edge on looks! 😘 I cant wait until June 17th! 

Valentine's Day = Q.Moore SongGrams and Events!

Valentine's Day is among us! Time to let Q.Moore set the atmosphere for you! Details below...


Dinner / Concert 

Happy New Year and 2017 catchup...

Hey folks! Hope all has been well...

Alot has happened over the past few months so here is a quick recap...

- DreamStage Kickstarter - We funded our DreamStage kickstarter back on December 19th for our dream concert! Definitely was a great run and we look forward to putting on the concert of our dreams summer 2017! I will keep you posted on the date! Here is the website of the kick starter - www.Qdreamstage.com 

- We have been working on an album for a Mid to Late spring release! Stay tuned for details for that!

- Tour - Got some tours in the work! Cant wait to announce whats been cooking! 


Today is the Day! "The Vday EP: Volume 3" is now available! Buy it below, or goto your favorite Digital store and purchase! BUT, if you buy it below, you get a bonus track, My unplugged version of Earth Wind and Fire's, "Love's Holiday"! ;-) 

Q.Moore Pays tribute to EWF's Late Maurice White (Audio)

Q.Moore's Solo / Unplugged take on Earth Wind and Fire's "Love's Holiday".