Q.Moore will show up ANYWHERE, ANYTIME to surprise Serenade your loved one! Book now at QMooreMusic@yahoo.com

A Few Song Choices…

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

Kiss – Prince

My Girl – Temptations

Cant Take My Eyes Off of You - Franki Valli

The Best of Me - Anthony Hamilton

For the Love of you – Isley Bros

Ooh Baby Baby – Smokie Robinson

Always On my Mind - Willie Nelson

Simply Beautiful – Al Green

Be Thankful – William DeVaughn (Diamond in the back)

Lala Means I love you – Delfonics

Stand By Me – Ben E. King

Prototype– Andre 3000

Baby – Justin Beiber

Lady – D’angelo

You are so Beautiful – Joe Cocker

Sincerely – Moonglows

***Choices are not limited to this list, but If Q.Moore doesn’t know the song you request, their MAY be an additional fee to learn it.

*** Also, Q.Moore can perform any of his Original Songs!


All Orders come with 1 Rose!   (More roses will be an $11 upcharge)

SongGrams will be Video taped and placed in a Highlight video with other song-grams from the day. Because of the number of SongGrams, I cant promise your SongGram will make the Highlight video.  If you want a special, individually edited video, Add $16 to your order. 


 Time Slots

Any time...Time Frames are for peak seasons (Valentine's and Mother's Day)

At Booking, Please list the time frame you would like to surprise your loved one. (Ex. 12p-5p, or 8a-3p)

If there is only one specific time during the day, Please let me know ASAP.  First come First Serve on Specific times.

*We can book outside of Valentine’s  and Mother's day week For Any Occasion, but price will be $75 instead of $60.  Also, you can book anytime of the day.


Video Song Grams

We have added this new feature last year! Video Song Grams! This was designed for people who do not live in Dallas Fort Worth but want to use the SongGram Service. Q.Moore will be recorded singing a special custom dedication to your loved one. The Video Link or File will be edited and emailed to you to Surprise your loved one with.


Booking/Payment (Qmooremusic@yahoo.com)

At Time of Booking, Please email and list the following...

Your Name, Loved One's Name, Location/Address for SongGram, Time Frame, Song, and Any add ons (More Roses, Cookies or Cupcakes, Edited Video, etc)

Add on options are below and you must purchase if you need add-ons. If you have a specific add-on (Cupcakes, Card, etc), Email me and I can send you a custom invoice to fit your needs.

Payment must be received IN FULL to OFFICIALLY book SongGram.

Because of my schedule, I prefer Online Payment (Paypal)

Credit Card/Paypal - You can purchase your SongGram Below...

Cash: If you prefer cash, we can meet at sometime before the week of of the SongGram. 

DEADLINE: Online:  Feb 13th or Until Sold out...

Song Grams

***If for any reason your SongGram service is not performed, You will be FULLY REFUNDED ASAP.

Booking/Questions – Qmooremusic@yahoo.com