Natural Sista

Happy New Year and 2017 catchup...

Hey folks! Hope all has been well...

Alot has happened over the past few months so here is a quick recap...

- DreamStage Kickstarter - We funded our DreamStage kickstarter back on December 19th for our dream concert! Definitely was a great run and we look forward to putting on the concert of our dreams summer 2017! I will keep you posted on the date! Here is the website of the kick starter - 

- We have been working on an album for a Mid to Late spring release! Stay tuned for details for that!

- Tour - Got some tours in the work! Cant wait to announce whats been cooking! 

Brand New Video! - "Cinderblock Sessions"

Natural Sista Video Shoot!!!

Im very excited to be shooting a music video for my song "Natural Sista" in Dallas at opening bell! If ur in Dallas come hang!!! Tickets at